Travel Show

Come see us in NYC!

We're heading to the Big Apple for the biggest travel show of the year!

Walk with Bushman in Kruger National Park

The Return of the Bushmen You too can walk with bushman in Kruger National Park this July 2018.
Travel and Adventure

Denver, CO March 24-25, 2018

Meet Jody at America’s Favorite Travel Show.

IGLTA Global Convention Toronto

The IGLTA Annual Global Convention is the world's premier educational and networking event for LGBT tourism professionals. Join us for the 35th edition of this amazing conference. May 9-12, 2018

Women’s Travel Fest

New Orleans, La
March 3-5, 2017
We’re Women. We Travel Solo. And We Love It! We’ve experienced first-hand how travel transforms: Traveling gave us new careers, introduced us to incredible people, and showed us the beauty of life in a way we hadn’t felt before we stepped on a plane.