Wilderness and Wildlife of South Africa - Wild Rainbow African Safaris

Sober, Wild & Free Women's Safari: 2022 July 7-17

Four Spots Left! We begin with a slow deliberate introduction to the bush with an overnight in South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg. We then skirt the urban jungle heading east to overnight beneath geological monoliths and soak in hot springs. Our second day we dive headfirst into Kruger’s most pristine and unadulterated area called the Makuleke Contract Park.  We’ll walk, drive and explore the setting at our own pace, from our private wilderness camp. It is here that we sink, full body, full mind and full spirit into our inner wilderness to witness nature as it should be. You simply must come prepared to say “Yes” when you didn’t think you would, to walk ancient pathways that have been carved by wild game for centuries and to put your senses in high gear for this very tactile, exploratory and deepening experience some call a vacation… Africans call it… “Safari.”


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“We liked everything about our trip. We really enjoyed being with Jody. Her warm personality and organizational skills were apparent.”

“Jody’s unparalleled knowledge of wildlife was extraordinary and I learned so much from her.”

“It was another wonderful  trip by Wild Rainbow Safaris.”