Kenya Photo Safari: August 7- 16, 2022 - Wild Rainbow African Safaris

Kenya Photo Safari: August 7 - 16, 2022

Kenya has long been Africa’s most storied safari destination. Known for its legendary wildlife and evocative landscapes, Kenya offers photographers countless opportunities to capture iconic images of Africa: Graceful giraffes browsing in acacia trees, elephants traversing the savanna, stealthy lions stalking gazelle, proud Maasai bedecked in ceremonial beadwork.  This 10-day photo safari is designed for photographers of every level using equipment of all levels… including mobile phones.  A professional photographer will be with us the entire trip giving personal attention and support and helping us enhance our photos.


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“Your enthusiasm is contagious.  Your patience is saintly. Can’t believe how easy and perfect everything was.”

“This trip exceeded my expectations.  I had no idea we’d be seeing so many cats.  What  a delight.”

“Jody’s enthusiasm is contagious.  Your patience is saintly.  Everything was easy and perfect.”