Zakouma National Park, Chad - Wild Rainbow African Safaris

Zakouma National Park, Chad: March 2022

Located in southeastern Chad, is Zakouma National Park, a true wildlife treasure. It takes a flight or two or three to get there and knowing a little French or Arabic might help once you’ve arrived. Patience is always necessary in Africa… no matter the destination. For 6 straight days we will uncover 864, 869 acres of raw, wild Africa. Here, lions roam open plains in search of vast buffalo herds, and red-billed queleas flock in their thousands, literally thousands upon thousands, vegetation that Dr. Seuss himself hadn’t dreamt of, Roan antelope, tiang-a subspecies of tsessebe, Patus monkeys, amazing birding, local villages and nomadic cultures complete this very special picture.  This trip is not for sissies. It’s for the curious, the inspired, the intrepid and for the traveler who thinks they’ve seen it all.


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“Your enthusiasm is contagious.  Your patience is saintly. Can’t believe how easy and perfect everything was.”

“This trip exceeded my expectations.  I had no idea we’d be seeing so many cats.  What  a delight.”

“Jody’s enthusiasm is contagious.  Your patience is saintly.  Everything was easy and perfect.”