Endless Plains and Misty Mountains

This adventure filled trip takes us on a whirlwind 12-day and 11-night journey from the endless plains of Tanzania to Dian Fossey’s misty mountains of Rwanda.

Tanzania is home of the highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro and the deepest caldera in Africa, The Ngorongoro Crater, enough to make Diana Ross sing about it! {Get it? “Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough…”} These two facts alone strike the imagination for adventure. We’ll see these, PLUS the largest concentration of wildlife in the world in Serengeti National Park, oh about 4 million wild animals, give or take. 

Our visit with the famous Hadzabe Bushmen living along Lake Eyasi will take us back in time, about 10,000 years. These indigenous people referred to as both Hadza and Hadzabe are very friendly, not finding the visits by foreigners a threat, but instead share their homes, way of life and traditions with visitors. The guys might be asked to go on a hunt and the gals might be asked to speak the language or help tend to a child. We will learn how they live entirely off the bush, have no need for keeping time and don’t have any leaders. Sounds pretty Utopian, it is. We might want to take with us their simple and peaceful way of life and incorporate into our own daily lives.

Rwanda – Genocide, Hutus, Tutsis and mayhem – right? Wrong!

That was in 1994 back when the George Foreman grill was introduced, the US Postage stamp was still only .29 cents, there were no cell phones yet, and Bill Clinton was President. Since then, this country has transformed itself. It is now held up as a shining example of how a government and its people can come together and turn horror into flowers, literally. Everywhere you go you will find people who are extremely friendly and who welcome you with open arms.

This is all good and fine… but we are going to see our next of kin- Mountain Gorillas. Gorilla trekking has to be one of the most awe-inspiring wildlife adventures anywhere. Being 3 yards away from a Silverback as he wakes from his mid-morning snooze, or to have baby gorillas romp around your feet is a dizzying experience. The gorillas are wild and have no reliance on humans. They live in remote equatorial forests on high ground, which makes them quite difficult to get to. But once there, because they have become used to seeing non-threatening humans fairly often, they allow you into their world and this privilege is one that can move you beyond words. Somehow our ancient connection with these gentle giants becomes evident and you feel like you belong in this place; that their deep, contemplative eyes have wisdom that you can understand.

Join Jody Cole on a trip to remember and return home changed.


“We liked everything about our trip. We really enjoyed being with Jody. Her warm personality and organizational skills were apparent.”

“Jody’s unparalleled knowledge of wildlife was extraordinary and I learned so much from her.”

“It was another wonderful  trip by Wild Rainbow Safaris.”