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Map of Tanzania

Perched on the edge of the African continent, Tanzania is blessed with warm and sunny days with cool and balmy nights. Whether you are on safari with the Masaai tribes on the Serengeti plains or enjoying the tropical beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania offers some of the most contrasting experiences for travelers. Mt. Kilimanjaro awaits the truly adventurous, elephants and massive herds of wildebeest traverse the expansive plains haunted by prides of lions. And the very cradle of humankind, Olduvai Gorge where the Leakey family discovered our ancient past, is here. This is an Africa you’ve dreamed about and awaits you in Tanzania.

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Jody provides a unique and truly memorable experience with Wild Rainbow African Safaris. I've traveled the globe but never had an adventure like the walking safari in Zambia. Absolutely outstanding!"

—M. Marquis, San Francisco, CA

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