Misty Mountains and Endless Plains

Gorilla trekking has to be one of the most awe-inspiring wildlife adventures anywhere.  The gorillas are wild and have no reliance on humans. Somehow our ancient connection with these gentle giants becomes evident and you feel like you belong in this place; that their deep, contemplative eyes have wisdom that you can understand. Tanzania is home of the highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro and the deepest caldera in Africa, The Ngorongoro Crater. These two facts alone strike the imagination for adventure. We’ll see these, PLUS the largest concentration of wildlife in the world in Serengeti National Park.  Our visit with the famous Hadzabe Bushmen living along Lake Eyasi will take us back in time, about 10,000 years


“We liked everything about our trip. We really enjoyed being with Jody. Her warm personality and organizational skills were apparent.”

“Jody’s unparalleled knowledge of wildlife was extraordinary and I learned so much from her.”

“It was another wonderful  trip by Wild Rainbow Safaris.”