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Map of Namibia

Namibia is a startling country containing the world’s second largest canyon, the highest sand dunes, the oldest desert, the largest existing meteorite, the smallest antelope, and some of the most bizarre plants on the planet. Mostly desert with large rivers on its borders, adventures might include flying over the wrecks and flotsam off the Skeleton Coast, game drives through vast areas of the Etosha National Park which is home to an enormous array of animals including the Big Five but also the black-faced impala and Damara dikdik, visiting the ancient Himba people near the Waterberg Plateau, or rafting down the Orange river. From camel and horseback expeditions to sea kayaking and hikes to the giant sand dunes of Sossosvlei, Namibia is truly a wilderness of great beauty and mystery.

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“There was a surprise sundowner at the end of our first game drive – a very lovely way to end our first day, sipping wine while overlooking a gorgeous view. When we got there we were thinking “Oh look, there’s a party, I don’t think we should interrupt…” then we realized it was our own party!”

—S. Johnson

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