A quick reflection on 2013

A quick reflection on 2013

2013 was our best year so far. As we close out our 9th year as a company I can’t help but be grateful for the 91 guests I was on safari with, the many safe international flights I flew, the zero accidents and literally thousands of photos taken by me and my guests on safari.

I also cannot go without remembering two BIG loses in Africa this past year: 946 rhinos (in South Africa alone) and the loss of Nelson Mandela, two massively iconic losses. I often wish I could have done something to help the rhinos or to live more like Madiba. How can I be an example? One of the many things that draws me to Africa is the close proximity of Life and Death. It’s always there and everyone knows it. There’s no denying it. Every moment, at least to me, is precious and must be a commitment or you will be lost. Nature and city life is equally tenuous. I love that prickly feeling. I invite it. I respect it. I’m drawn to it particularly in the bush. You never know what you’re going to meet around the next turn in the road. It keeps me alive and alert with expectation, and even acceptance that this is the way it is.  This, I believe is what rhinos and Madiba knew and lived fully and more authentically as a result. That’s why I miss them.

So here’s to 2014. May our actions be memorable, our love be true and our dreams be realized.



All eyes pointed to the future!


With Gratitude,

Jody Cole